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Drama: Hi Nige Finally listening !

Hey Nige its half an hour before your show finishes and I am listening finally you are playing a song of a cow herder? LOL Yippee aye Ehhh ghost riders LOL Hope you read this cheers Drama Hey maybe you can play The Monnkees Randy Scouse git? LOL Love that song Cheers

Drmaqueen: Hi Nige take 2

Well Nige I sent an email dont know if it got through Drama queen PS still dont know as I dont know if I can hear the last few minutes of your broadcast .

Dramaqueen: Hi Nige

Hi Nige its me again if you see this I will try again to try and listen or chuck in the towel of trying to try! The net connection I have is crap but I always try around 6 45 your time I never give up still oh well Drama

Nina: Congrats

Just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic service!

Drama Queen: Hi Nige

Hi Nige Belated Birthday Greetings :) Cheers Drama listening in for the last 5 minutes

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