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Vintage Podcasts

This is our archive of Vintage Radio podcasts and some of our back catalogue material. You can play any of the programmes on you tablet or mp3 player. Pretty much any Apple or Android tablet / phone or any Apple, Windows or Linux PC will play these files. let us know if you have a problem with playing the audio files on your device. If so just email us and outline the problem and device details.


To navigate the rest of the web site whilst listening to one of our archive programmes don't forget to open a new tab or window otherwise the player will shut down. Just select the programme you want to listen to and the player will do the rest.

Legal stuff

Please note that due to copyright restrictions we are unable to include music programmes or programmes that contain music tracks, unless we own the copyright or have been given permission by the copyright holder to reproduce their material in this format.

Feel free to listen to these programmes (personal use only). Please note that to use any of these for re-broadcast or any other commercial or community use  then permission must be sought from Vintage Radio (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Weekly Stories 

Download Name Play Duration
download A Bird's Life
Tony Murray

7:48 min
download A Born Again Racer
Stephen Cope

2:35 min
download A Greek Tragedy
Anthony Ridley

11:45 min
download A Mountain Walk
Anthony Ridley

6:34 min
download A Place And Time
Val Bird

7:35 min
download A Plumber's Lot
Chris Youngman

7:56 min
download A Special Moment
Anthony Ridley (read by Chris Youngman)

11:34 min
download Age Related
Stephen Cope

6:44 min
download Story Of The Week, Aisle Be There For You
Christine Youngman

9:35 min
download Another World
Stephen Cope

11:41 min
download Appointment With Fear
Bob Bishop

3:43 min
download Benson
John Dixon

9:16 min
download Bland (after Kubla Khan)
John Dixon

4:18 min
download Breakfast On Board
Pat Appleby (read by Anthony Ridley)

1:45 min
download Catwalk
Joy Baber

4:46 min
download The Children's Christmas Party
Jim Barrow

4:05 min
download A Moment Of Slack Tide
Chris Youngman

6:13 min
download Christchurch
Pat Appleby

5:02 min
download Christo's Lesson
Helen Spring

9:20 min
download Confusion
Bob Bishop

10:49 min
download Cool Cat
Joy Baber

5:28 min
download Dreams
Helen Spring

1:10 min
download Duty Calls
Helen Spring

12:53 min
download Early Wireless In The Black Country
Alan Davies

1:50 min
download Echo and Narcissus
Rosemary Doman

1:02 min
download Enigma
Jim Barrow

12:57 min
download Epiphany
John Dixon

3:57 min
download Family Honour
Stephen Cope

13:06 min
download Getting Real
Stephen Cope and Helen Spring

7:35 min
download Ghosts On The Line
Stephen Cope

6:48 min
download Gravity
Stephen Cope

1:03 min
download Tempting Fate
Jenny Whetstone

7:52 min
download Jim The Wasp
Graham Robinson

1:25 min
download The Last Mariner
John Dickson

5:08 min
download Knickers
Joy Baber

3:50 min
download Life
Helen Spring

1:21 min
download Looking Ahead
Anthony Ridley

10:22 min
download Marrow
Rosemary Doman

0:52 min
download Mary's Marsh
Lizzie Gates

12:17 min
download Maui
Pat Appleby

4:35 min
download Michael
Helen Spring

12:54 min
download Mr Lonesome
John Dixon

6:18 min
download Mrs Vale's Diary
Helen Spring

4:15 min
download My Lips Are Sealed
Tony Murray (Inklings)

4:04 min
download My Philosophy
Tony Aldridge, read by Joy Baber

2:01 min
download Nature Walk
Stephen Cope

12:00 min
download New Year Journey
Valerie Bird

15:28 min
download Postie
John Dixon

1:39 min
download Scam, A Smokie Tale
Joy Baber

5:24 min
download Merry Christmas, Mrs Doyle
Stephen Cope

10:20 min
download Out Of Mind
Tony Murray

4:43 min
download Something Unexpected - Story Of The Week
Christine Youngman

5:22 min
download Striking Weather
Lynda Walsh

1:15 min
download The Ballad Of Suzy Lou
Chris Youngman

2:56 min
download The Bicycle
Chris Youngman

9:14 min
download The Biter Bit
Bob Bishop

8:22 min
download The Gardener's Tale
John Short

0:37 min
download The Geese At Clun
Tony Murray

2:38 min
download The Handbag
Chris Youngman

10:43 min
download The Last Banana
Tony Aldridge (read by Joy Baber)

3:09 min
download The Lonely Hours
John Short

0:48 min
download The Patio Ghost
Helen Spring

8:32 min
download The Presents Of Christmas
Tony Murray

1:21 min
download Rosemary Doman, The Ribbon Tree
Roger Wright

5:30 min
download The Spider
Christine Youngman

11:14 min
download The Upgrade
Helen Spring

4:14 min
download The West Coast
Pat Appleby

9:24 min
download Thetis (poem)
Alan Davis

2:15 min
download Toy Boy
Helen Estrey

2:08 min
download War Hurts All Sides
Anthony Ridley

11:04 min
download What A Carry On
Tony Murray

3:58 min
download White Bear Lake
Helen Spring

12:28 min
download Willaston's Empty Track
Stephen Cope

1:58 min
download Writing In The Night + Lady's Invitation
Alan Davies

5:29 min

General podcasts 

Download Name Play Duration
download 2020 Vision
by Karen Bundred

27:32 min
download Aushwitz - A talk by Derek Arnold
Echoes from the past by Fred Eccleston

1:00:00 min
download Agent - the original James Bond
ZIG ZAG FINAL EDIT 60min radio

1:00:00 min
download Moreton Ring Singers
by Karen Bundred

47:16 min
download Moreton Ring - Series 2
Karen Bundred

54:28 min
download ArthurVaughan2009-02-21
Arther Vaughan

28:32 min
download Battle of Atlantic and effect on Liverpool
Derek Arnold

53:13 min
download Birkenhead Priory
Colin Simpson

58:01 min
download Alternative Housing
by Kath Ford

14:14 min
download Census 2011 - talking to Debbie Morgan
John Cotcher

7:20 min
download The Cleaner
Karen Bundred

7:41 min
1:00:00 min
download Echoes From The Past "The band played on" A Titanic story,
57:37 min
download Echoes of the Past - Fotunatus Wright A Wirral Privateer 1712-1757
Gavin Chapel

30:00 min
download Far East Prisoners Award Association
Fred Eclestone

1:00:00 min
download George Ward Gunn VC
Gordon Nicholas

50:23 min
download Gunboats on the Mersey 1911
David Owens

1:00:00 min
download Echoes of the past: History of Fort Perch Rock
Derek Arnold

1:00:00 min
download Adult Carers Pt 1
by Jan Sunman OXFSN

24:13 min
download Adult Carers Pt 2
by Jan Sunman OXFSN

31:07 min
download KathFord2009-02-21
Kath Ford

42:24 min
download Liverpool Overhead Railway
Derek Arnold

55:55 min
download Who's Googling You? Pt 1
by Dr. Stuart Cunningham

23:35 min
download Who's Googling You? Pt 2
by Dr. Stuart Cunningham

14:36 min
download Who's Googling You? Pt 3
by Dr. Stuart Cunningham

33:35 min
download All about Vintage Radio
John Cotcher

30:07 min
download Matt & John
John Cotcher & Matt Nicholson

1:33:23 min
Derek Arnold - Fred Eccleston

40:40 min
Derek Arnold - Fred Eccleston

43:38 min
download Oradour-sur-Glane
Derek Arnold

45:01 min
download Echoes Of The Past - Birkenhead Priory - a Fred Eccleston Production
1:00:01 min
download An interview with Pam Turner MBE
John Cotcher

46:06 min
download Phil_the_Blues2009-02-21
Phil Ireland

18:30 min
download Richard III
David Owens

1:00:00 min
download Richie Edwards Interview
John Standring

42:42 min
download Silver Surfer Pt. 1
by Karen Bundred

21:34 min
download Silver Surfer Pt 2
by Karen Bundred

20:53 min
download Silver Surfer Pt 3
by Karen Bundred

23:10 min
download STORETON WOODS a talk
1:00:00 min
Mike Murphy

1:00:00 min
download THETIS pt 1 web page edit
57:23 min
download THETIS pt 2 web page edit
51:03 min
download The Bounty
Derek Arnold

57:16 min
download Echoes of the past: Thomas Brassy
David Casement

52:26 min
download Interview with BBC Merseyside
Chris Youngman - Mike Pill

5:08 min
download Lifelong Learning
Sarah Howarth and John Cotcher

17:32 min