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Weekly Schedules

Week starts 20th September 2021

John Jenkins stars twice this weekend; his Garden Party show on Friday (9.00pm)

and his brilliant Community Hour repeated on Saturday (also 9.00pm) 



20 September


21 September


22 September


23 September


24 September


25 September


26 September



Rob Porter

Sandy Cameron*, with a pot-pour of memories old and new

That Seventies Sound, 244: Yesterday*

(Dave Edwards)


9.00 Anthony Peers's Morning Melodies

 8.00  Geoff Dorsett's "Solid Gold 60s", (repeat)*, 171


9.00  That 70s Sound, 237 (repeat)*

Rob Porter


Jay Adkins's NUA Show (New, Unsigned, Alternative), 87*


The Living Hope Show*    (Stephen Baker)

9.00  Sandy Cameron*




Will Redfearn,

Ideas and Music




Sandy Cameron*

Sandy wishes to play Your choice or his choice anybody's choice get in touch.

Tom Platt and Jim Walsh, Rock and Roll

Community Hour

Trevor Smith (repeat from   15-8-2019)*


11.00 - 1.00 Len Burnett, Rock and Opera

Rise and Shine with Phil Lyne




Len Burnett, Opera and Rock

Poetry Roundup;

 Poems Of Childhood, Part 2* (as yesterday)

 11.00 Mark Ball Talks About Books, 171: John Braine and Friends*




Diamonds In The Shadows, with Leslie-John Benn

12.00  Steve James's Blues Cafe, 107* 

1.00 -4.30

Rob Porter and Phil Lyne

Roger Wright

An eclectic mix of great music


1.00 Richmond Dutton, Botanist and Military Historian, and his Green Show

Budge Grounsell

Toni Costa

Noon Tunes

Cliff Howarth, Radio Radio 70*

1.00-3.00 Roger Wright Music Show 496*




Budge Grounsell


Kemal Houghton, The Poets

2.00 Richmond Dutton, Early and Baroque Music

3.00  Richmond Dutton plays the blues

2.00-5.00 Anthony Peers' "Jazz Flavours"

2.00-7.00 Whiskey and Honey, with Leslie-John Benn and Ben Butterworth

3.00 The Peter Rainsford Classical Music Show, 81 (repeat)*






The Phil Lyne Show



All Things Rock!, with Moira Leonard

Richard Isles' Film Show

4.00-6.00  Anthony Peers and his "Soul Flavours"



5.00 - 7.00  DriveTime with Ben Butterworth



The Writers (Liverpool Inklings, from last week)*

5.00 Gareth Morris, The Beatles: Even More From Side One*




Colette Corlett's Monday Melodies

6.30-8.30 Trevor Smith and the Adverse Camber show

Ruth Parry and Phil Reilly, The Wordsmiths

Ray Lyons, into the Lyons Den



 7.00 - 8.00

Steve James's Blues Cafe 99* (repeat)



7.00 Poetry Roundup: Poems Of Childhood, Part 2*


Just Jazz  (with Steve Hart*) 40 



Ben Butterworth




Rob Porter 

8.30 Groove Perfection


(Paul Hale)

Chris Jarrey

Cliff Howarth, Radio Radio



8.00-9.00 Geoff Forsett, Solid Gold Sixties, 176*

9.00-10.00  John Jenkins's Garden Party 74* 


Mark Ball Talks About Books, 171: John Braine and friends* (repeat)

9.00 Community Hour with John Jenkins*

(from last week)








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 Meet the Presenters of Vintage Radio 


Will Redfearn

Will Redfearn

After 12 years as a telecoms engineer a career change reflecting a lifelong family involvement in the voluntary sector Will joined Wirral Council as a Community Development officer and created a number of innovative projects, notably the first Community Transport scheme in Wirral.

From 1966 to 1975 Will ran a Mobile disco and was an occasional performer on the local folk scene.

A lifelong member of the Scout Movement, in 1976 he was appointed PRO for the new County of Merseyside and from 2007-2008, he curated the Centenary exhibition at Birkenhead museum. Will has also travelled extensively including Royal Geographical Society expeditions to Egypt, Nepal and a recent visit to Mongolia.

Since retiring on New Year’s Eve in 2010 after 32years working with the Voluntary and Community sector he has been involved with the sector especially Vintage Radio. Will is also Creative Activities advisor for Birkenhead District Scouts .

He hopes to entertain and inform the listeners especially with his eclectic taste in music and love of trivia!

Roger Wright

Roger Wright

Roger Wright lives in Oxton, and has recently retired after 35 years teaching Spanish at the University of Liverpool. He also has a large music collection, which he is happy to share with Vintage listeners.

The Roger Wright Music Show, broadcast every Monday and occasionally at other times also, offers you an eclectic mix of excellent music, mostly but not only from 1958-1982, usually including several singer-songwriters.

Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh

My name is James Walsh I was introduced to Vintage Radio by my life long friend and co presenter Tom Platt, I'm a retired youth worker, were the art of communication was your prime asset, and being a presenter along side Tom keeps that skill to the fore, I really enjoy presenting programmes along side Tom.

Sandy Cameron 


Sandy Cameron

Sandy Cameron: lived on the Wirral for nearly half a century, Long Career in all aspects of the Construction industry, has a wide ranging knowledge on the built environment, involved with a number of Community Groups and likes to play a huge range of different types of music to suit all tastes. Fell into broadcasting almost by accident and has enjoyed the ability to spread a little music and nostalgia amongst the older generation, those perhaps not able to get out and about like they used to. Internationally friends and relatives say its good to hear about the local environment and aspects of Merseyside.



Mr Phil Lyne 

Phil has been at Vintage Radio since April 2021 and comes from an am dram background. His shows include songs from the musicals and easy listening tunes. 



Mrs Leslie John Benn 





Len Burnett 


Len Burnett

Born in Birkenhead Len has written a book about life on the Birkenhead Docks. He served in the Merchant Navy for five years, and after coming ashore he went into National Service. Whilst in Egypt he got court marshalled and reprimanded for 6 months for going out of bounds to see the famous opera singer Beniamino Gigli. Len's passion for opera began when he heard Caruso singing on the radio aged 14, quite by accident, when he was fourteen. That moment started a lifelong passion for opera, and Len has travelled widely following his interest, visiting tombs of famous composers and singers. He's also visited famous Opera Houses such as La Scala. He loves all kinds of music except rap. Heavy metal, AC/DC, Motorhead, Sabbath, Stones, Puccini, Verdi, Donizetti, Bellini are his gods and Len hopes through his programmes to introduce music lovers to a wider variety of singers and composers.


May be an image of Ben R S Butterworth


Ben Butterworth 

Ben lives in Birkenhead and is a engineer. Ben enjoys his time at vintage very new to the team and has the Sunday slot from 7pm until 10pm 



 John Nolan


John Nolan

Born in Ireland, John has lived in England since after the war. He worked in a factory and had a tragic accident with multiple injuries. Later taking up singing at West Kirby and Moreton Operatic Societies. John used to sing in clubs locally, also in Ireland and Scotland. John was involved with Wirral Community Radio in 1995, and joined Vintage Radio at the beginning. John plays 50's music and also classical and folk.


Budge Grounsell






Tom Platt

Tom Platt

Born in 1947 and raised a 'Bacco boy' (from Back st. Ann St.), then living for some years in Naylor road, Bidston, Tom worked in the building industry until due to an accident, he changed careers and became involved in care and support for various individuals. During his training he has been involved with pre school, youth outreach, and mental health, and has worked for M.i.N.D.,incuding the management of two psychiatric homes. His happiest time was being employed as a D.C.O. at Riverside Day Centre for adults with special needs, then going on to help create 'Everyone's cafe' based in Central Park walled Garden, wallasey, where the clients were encouraged to bring their own ideas to the project.

All his life, Tom has been a lover of all kinds of music, especially Rock & Roll, which comes across in his show. Tom always says he was blessed or inherited his Mams vocal chords as he has a great voice and is able to hit notes a lot of famous contemporaries struggle with. After singing with Trilogy, a local based band for nearly 15 years,Tom has performed as a solo artist for over 10 years.

Being called in to several radio shows, and with support from his wife Annie, Tom was encouraged by others (including our own Alan schroeder) to go into radio broadcasting. All kinds of music can be heard on his show, including Irish, Country, Trad.Jazz, Blues, Opera, but always there will be Rock & Roll.



Mr Robert Porter